Brigade Recreational Youth Soccer League


A uniform consisting of shirt, shorts and socks is provided for each child’s use at the beginning of the season and is theirs to keep when the season ends.  It is recommended that players try on their uniforms immediately to see if there are sizing problems.  The coach should contact the Director of Purchasing for any problems with the uniforms. 

Please take care of the uniform by washing it in warm water and drying it in a warm, NOT HOT, dryer.  Do not iron it. 

Uniforms may not be worn to practices. 

Uniforms must not be changed from the original appearance; such as adding the team name, the names of players, or additional sponsor names.  The coach must get prior approval from the League Commissioner before placing any additions on the uniforms. Alterations are only allowed to make the uniform fit better.  Players may tie their sleeves up but not cut the sleeves off.  Players may wear bicycle shorts of the same color as the uniform shorts.  During extremely cold weather the referee may allow long sleeve sweatshirts and/or sweatpants, worn under a  players uniform jersey or shorts.  If the sweatshirt has an attached hood, the hood must be tucked inside the jersey.

Due to rising costs we will charge a fee for replacing uniform items

  • Socks $5.00
  • Shorts $15.00
  • Jersey $20.00