Soccer Park Map

Illegally Parked Cars Will Be Towed Away

Make sure you are following the KC Soccer Park guidelines concerning parking next week. If you are parked illegally, or in areas marked No Parking, the park has informed us you will be towed.  Also, if you are blocking an emergency vehicle your car might be damaged and issued a serious citation.

The Soccer Park is located on Alfred Harrell Highway between Hart Park and CALM Museum.

                                    RULES OF THE SOCCER PARK
1.    Dogs are not allowed at the soccer park.
2.    Follow the posted speed limit.
3.    No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

4.    No Barbecues

5.    No smoking is allowed near the fields.
6.    All fields must be left in a clean condition after the last game.  Parents should help by reminding children not to litter.

From time to time, maintenance or improvements are being performed to improve the soccer park and field conditions.  Please keep children away from these areas.

Brigade Recreational Youth Soccer League