Brigade Recreational Youth Soccer League



Only players in the U14 and U19 Age Divisions may head the ball.

Heading the ball is not allowed in the U6, U8, U10 and U12 Age Divisions.

This rule is in effect for both practices and games.

For violations of this rule

  • The referee will stop play and award an Indirect Kick in the U10 and U12 Age Divisions.
  • The referee will stop play and award a Direct Kick in the U6 and U8 Age Divisions.

This policy is being implemented in conjunction with recent US Soccer Federation (USSF) and US Youth Soccer (USYS) requirements and recommendations for player safety and the well-being of children who play soccer in the youngest age groups.

The Referee (Team Assistant) is entitled to our respect.  Unlike other youth sports organizations, our referees are unpaid volunteers who gladly give up their time to help our children have fun.  As a volunteer he/she will make mistakes but these mistakes should be accepted without public complaint.  Many of our referees do not have children playing in the program but still referee just because it is fun.  Each team must provide at least one adult referee for the season.  BRYSL referees attend clinics leading to certification and volunteer protection.  You will learn the rules of soccer and how to conduct the game, and enjoy participating in the game with the players.

                                        Referees Calendar

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If interested in Refereeing

Contact Jose Navarro, Director of Referees
 661 345-7325