Brigade Recreational Youth Soccer League


                         Bakersfield City Schools Practice Field RULES    

If you are practicing at one of the BCSD Schools we have permission to be at, please abide by the following rules. We have built a great relationship with the schools and don’t want to lose the ability to practice there.

     1.  No practice at schools on Back to School Nights

  •  Elementary -Tuesday, 9/12/17
  •  Jr. High -Thursday, 9/14/17

     2.  No bikes, skateboards or scooters on school grounds.

     3.  No using the rest rooms, even if they are unlocked.

     4.  No urinating on the grounds at all.

     5.  Please clean up any litter.

     6.  No entry until the afterschool programs are finished (if applicable at your school).

The times and places of practice are left strictly to the discretion of the coaches at their convenience.  Practice fields are located at various Bakersfield City Schools, Bakersfield College,  city parks, and churches.  Please help keep practice areas clean from trash.  At schools, please do not park in bus loading zones.  Each player must arrange to arrive on time and be picked up on time. Coaches are neither baby-sitters nor chauffeurs and should not be made to feel obliged to take on responsibilities in addition to coaching.
1.     Players should come prepared with shin guards (mandatory), athletic shoes, comfortable clothing, appropriately sized ball, and water bottle.
2.     No uniforms may be worn at practice.
3.     The team may not meet more than three times each week. Before the season starts this could include three practices each week.  After the season starts, the team would normally meet for two practices and the Sunday games.
4.     At least two adults must be present at every practice in order to guarantee that the children are properly supervised in the event that one adult must leave to care for an injured player.  Preferably one adult should be the same gender as the players.
5.     Practices should last no longer than one (1) hour for the younger U6, U8, and U10 divisions and one and one-half (1½ ) hours for the  older U12, U14, and U16/U19 divisions.
6.     BRYSL’s strictly forbids any practice games between adults and players.