Brigade Recreational Youth Soccer League

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Whenever possible all players present and in proper uniform should play 3/4 of a league game, except when the player arrives after the game has begun.  If a player cannot play for health reasons or has been suspended for any reason, he/she should not wear his/her uniform to the game.  Games must start on time.  It is the responsibility of the coach to make sure his team is ready to play at the proper starting time.  Players should arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled game time to allow for proper warm up and final instructions.  Each coach must have his game card filled out before leaving for the soccer park.  All players must be listed in the order of uniform numbers in ascending order.  The coach must list the reason why a player is absent.  It is also highly recommended that a game plan be already completed by the coach listing the players resting each quarter and their positions each quarter.  This will help games remain on schedule because time is not wasted at quarters deciding on substitutions.

Each team must provide for their own refreshments.  The normal procedure is for the Team Manager to develop a refreshment schedule listing which parent brings refreshments to each game.  In this manner the responsibility and cost is shared by all on the team.  It is highly recommended that players are given only water before the game begins and at half time.  At the end of the game sodas and treats can be given out.

Age Division        Halftime            Game Length
19 & Under           35 min.                    70 min.
U14                         35 min.                    70 min.
U12                         30 min.                    60 min.
U10                         25 min.                    50 min.
U8                           20 min.                    40 min.
U6                           20 min.                    40 min.
Halftime breaks shall last between 5 minutes (minimum) to 10 minutes (maximum) at the discretion of the referee.

The international laws of soccer (FIFA), restricts coaching to a minimum.  BRYSL is more flexible in allowing coaching to occur but it must always be limited to “positive instruction that encourages player success."
1. Excessive coaching from the sideline shall not be permitted.        
2. The referee shall have sole authority to judge when coaching is detrimental to the players or the game and his/her decision will be final.
3. Coaching shall be limited to two coaches from each team.
4. Coaches shall be limited to a coaching area that extends ten (10) yards on either side of the halfway line.
5. Coaches who also referee must not wear their referee shirts while coaching their team.
6. Spectators at games must remain at least three yards from the side line and between the penalty areas.  They may also watch from areas directly under the trees.
7. Spectators must not coach. Positive encouragement directed at the participants is allowed and is an important part of the game. Your enthusiasm helps make this a positive experience.
8. No one is allowed behind the goal line (except well off the field under the trees.)
9. Coaches and  players may enter the field of play only with consent of the referee.

If a player arrives during the first quarter, the player must play a minimum of two (2) of the remaining quarters.  If a player arrives during the second or third quarter, the player must play a minimum of one (1) quarters. 


The following are acceptable attire for soccer games:
1.     ISSUED shorts, socks, and jersey tucked into shorts.  (Uniform worn only at games)
2.     Regulation soccer shoes, gym shoes or sneakers.
3.     Shin guards worn under the sock.
4.     Goalkeepers may wear soft knee or elbow pads, keeper gloves, and a baseball style cap with a soft visor..
5.     Prescription eye glasses may be worn but must remain securely in place.  Normally a strap should be worn to secure the glasses.
6.     Soft hair bindings such as head bands, rubber bands and ties are allowed to be worn.
7.     Hearing aids.
8.     A soft splint or knee brace may be worn by a player provided that in the judgment of     the referee it is adequately covered and padded so as not to cause injury to others.  BRYSL reserves the right to require a Doctor’s approval and medical release regarding wearing such devices.

The following are not permitted at a game or practice:

1.     Jewelry of any kind including earrings, wristwatches, bracelets.
2.     Barrettes or other hair ornaments that are made of a hard material.
3.     Hats or caps (except the goal keeper as stated above.)
4.     Removable dental pieces including retainers.
5.     Non-prescription sunglasses.
6.     No player may chew gum or candy
7.     A hard plaster cast or hard splint.  Players removing a cast or splint are prohibited from participating in a game or practice,
8.     Any non BRYSL issued uniform shorts or socks.
9.     Anything else deemed by the referee to be unsafe to the player or to other  players.