Brigade Recreational Youth Soccer League

Although not required, we strongly urge that your child wear soccer shoes with round rubber or plastic molded cleats. Baseball style shoes with toe cleats are not allowed.  The shoes should fit comfortably and probably be oversized since most players wear two pairs of socks, the undersock and the kneelength uniform sock.

Shin Guards are worn for the protection of the vulnerable shins.  Therefore, a BRYSL League Rule makes shin guards mandatory and they must be worn at all practices and games.  They may be purchased at specialty soccer stores such as Extreme Soccer or any of the local sporting goods stores such as Big 5, Sports Authority or Sports Chalet, or at general merchandise stores such as Wal-Mart or Target.  Shin guards must be worn under the sock.

We strongly recommend that each child purchase an official soccer ball of the proper size and that the player’s name is put on the ball for identification.

  • Size "3" ball for Under 6 and Under 8 Divisions
  • Size "4" ball for Under 10 and Under 12 Divisions
  • Size "5" ball for Under 14 and Under 19 Divisions

Coach Equipment

Each coach will be issued uniforms and a soccer ball after the team has secured a coach, team referee, and team manager and such persons attend the proper training.  The coach may keep the ball at the end of the season.  Coaches may also receive other equipment and attire for attending coach clinics