Brigade Recreational Youth Soccer League

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Inappropriate, violent, abusive, unsporting behavior by anyone during games will not be tolerated.

Referees have the authority to give players warnings (yellow card) or eject them from the game (red card).  If a player receives two yellow cards in the same game, the second card automatically becomes a red card and that player must leave the game.  When a player receives a red card and leaves the game, the team must play with one less player for the duration of the game.  Also, the ejected player will not be allowed to play in the next game (including playoffs).

 Coaches may also be sanctioned or ejected for their conduct.  If a coach is ejected from the game he/she must leave the playing area and may not coach and be at the field for the next game (including playoffs.)  If both the coach and assistant coach are ejected the game is terminated.  Neither coach will be allowed at the field for the next game.  In order that the team not have to forfeit the next game because of no certified coaches, the League Commissioner may allow a registered volunteer from the team to coach the next game or may appoint a temporary certified coach for one game.

If a parent or spectator’s conduct requires discipline, the referee may require the offending parent/spectator to leave the area.  The referee may suspend the game until the parent/spectator leaves the area.  If the offending parent /spectator continues to remain in the area the referee may terminate the game.  

The highest standard of conduct must be maintained at all times.
1. Coaches, Referees and Spectators are expected to be positive and set the best possible example for the players.
2. Discipline shall be up to the referee at each game, and he/she shall have the power and authority to eject players, coaches or spectators from the playing area if their conduct violates these guidelines or otherwise interferes with the course of play.
3. Abusive or foul language is forbidden.
4. At the game, complaints about refereeing serve no useful purpose and shall not be allowed.  If you have any comments regarding the officiating, please address them to the Director of Referees.

Persistent conduct which violates the BRYSL philosophy and guidelines by coaches, game officials or any other officials will result in their removal from further participation in the program. (See  the section on Discipline, Disputes, and Due Process)

Any player who continually misses practices or exhibits a negative or unruly attitude at practices and games may have his/her playing time reduced at the discretion of the League Commissioner.  The coach should first contact the player's parents, discuss the problem, and try to resolve the problem.  If the problem continues after attempts to resolve it have been unsuccessful, the coach may consider reducing the players playing time from 3 quarters  to 2 quarters in the next game.  The coach must get the League Commissioner's approval before taking this action.  It is important that discipline be consistent for all players on the team and prior warning has been given.


It is the intent of the BRYSL to resolve all disputes in an amicable way.  If disciplinary action is warranted  it normally shall be progressive and corrective with the intent of resolving the dispute between all parties involved.  In rare instances in which progressive discipline does not realize resolution or instances of an extreme nature, the League Commissioner and/or Executive Board may suspend or remove participants from further involvement in the program.  Such persons shall be notified in writing of the action to be taken, the reasons why, and be given a reasonable opportunity to explain before the Executive Board why such action should not be taken.  If the Executive Board does not rescind the action the person may request a hearing before the Due Process Committee composed of impartial former League Commissioners and/or Board Members.  The Due Process Committee may meet with the person involved, review the history of the action taken, and make a report to the Executive Board that either agrees or disagrees with the disclipline action.  The Due Process Committee’s report is meant to be advisory and is nonbinding on the Executive Board.  The Executive Board may continue, reduce, or dismiss the previous action.  At all times the Executive Board will remain fair and impartial in upholding the highest qualities of the BRYSL philosophy.