Brigade Recreational Youth Soccer League

The Coach is one of the most rewarding opportunities in the program  He or she is the backbone of the program and deserves everyone's respect and cooperation.  BRYSL coaches attend clinics where they are trained for the appropriate player age group.

If interested in coaching
Contact Carolyn Morales, Director of Coaches
559 250-1871


                                       Coach Contact Person

  Division     Division Director                          Email                                Telephone

     U6             Debra DeLisle                   319-3758

     U8Boys    Dawn Pruitt                         858-9664

     U8Girls     Philip Vejarano             703-9090

     U10           Khira Kutz                              205-0232

     U12           Chelsey Chesmore         314-8402

     U14           Juan Bermudez           376-6798

     U19           Philip Vejarano             703-9090

                                          Coaches Calendar

            Date              Time               Location                         Description

      Oct 15th             7pm          Rusty's on Auburn        U6-U8 Coaches Meeting

      Oct 15th             7pm          Rusty's on Auburn        U10-U19 Coaches Meeting

Link to Coach Resources.

Link to Coach Resources.


Only players in the U14 and U19 Age Divisions may head the ball.

Heading the ball is not allowed in the U6, U8, U10 and U12 Age Divisions.

This rule is in effect for both practices and games.

For violations of this rule

  • The referee will stop play and award an Indirect Kick in the U10 and U12 Age Divisions.
  • The referee will stop play and award a Direct Kick in the U6 and U8 Age Divisions.

This policy is being implemented in conjunction with recent US Soccer Federation (USSF) and US Youth Soccer (USYS) requirements and recommendations for player safety and the well-being of children who play soccer in the youngest age groups.