Brigade Recreational Youth Soccer League

Updated 9/17 10:34 AM

  Danny Moreno, Commissioner        (661) 869-2775        Bakersfield, CA

Due to rising costs we will charge

a fee for replacing uniform items

  • Socks $5.00
  • Shorts $15.00
  • Jersey $20.00

Please follow the Soccer Park Rules

1.    Dogs are not allowed at the soccer park.
2.    Follow the posted speed limit.
3.    No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
4.    No Barbecues
5.    No smoking is allowed near the fields.
6.    Pick up trash before leaving.

Picture Day This Sunday


  • Only players in the U14 and U19 Age Divisions may head the ball.
  • Heading the ball is not allowed in the U6, U8, U10 and U12 Age Divisions.

                                               Letter From Mike Uribe, Director of Referees

Thank you to all of the volunteers, players and parents for a great first week of soccer. The league appreciates all of the volunteer referees that have donated their time to the help the games run smoothly. They have attended intense training to learn and increase their knowledge of the game. It is our job to enforce the laws of the game. Please remember these few things:

First off, we are here for the kids. As parents, it is our job to cheer for the kids, NOT critique the referees. They are human and make mistakes, just like we do. They are there to manage the game to the best of their ability. 67% of the referees in the league are brand new and many of them have never played soccer. They did a wonderful job in their first game last week. Remember to CHEER LOUD, OFTEN, AND BE POSITIVE with both teams and the referee crew.

As coaches, we get excited, but we must remember to coach from the “technical area” which is one yard off the field and within the center circle on either end of the halfway line.
Player safety is our main concern. No jewelry is allowed. Jewelry such as earrings, bracelets (excluding medical alert), necklaces, hard objects in the hair such as barrettes, bobby pins and even beads braded into the hair are not safe and CAN NOT be worn.

As spectators, please remember to let your team coach lead the team. They volunteered their time and went through training.

Each team is responsible to sit on the side of the field that is listed on the schedule. The home team sits on the north or east side of the field and the visiting team sits on the south or west side of the field. Unfortunately, the means sometimes we have to sit in the sun. Bring a canopy or umbrella. It will be warm. Parents sitting and cheering from the wrong side of the field will be asked to move to the correct side of the field. THE REFEREE DOES NOT SET THIS POLICY. If you have a concern or comment, please direct it toward the BRYSL board, NOT the referee.

Lastly, US Soccer has implemented a new law restricting intentional headers at the U12 level and below. BRYSL has followed suit by penalizing all intentional headers with an indirect kick at U10 and U12 and with a direct kick at U6 and U8.

As parents, one of the greatest pleasures you have is watching your child play soccer. Please enjoy this time with them. Sit back, cheer loud, and let’s watch our kids have fun!

Michael Uribe
BRYSL Director of Referees

COACHES -Please read the information on the Practices Webpage.