Brigade Recreational Youth Soccer League

   Danny Moreno, Commissioner      (661) 869-2775      Bakersfield, CA

Updated 10/22 5:52 PM

Early bird registration for 2017 starts October 30th

Illegally Parked Cars Will Be Towed Away

Make sure you are following the KC Soccer Park guidelines concerning parking next week. If you are parked illegally, or in areas marked No Parking, the park has informed us you will be towed.  Also, if you are blocking an emergency vehicle your car might be damaged and issued a serious citation.

Due to rising costs we will charge

a fee for replacing uniform items

  • Socks $5.00
  • Shorts $15.00
  • Jersey $20.00


We have Brigade t-shirts for sale. We have both men’s and women’s style in different colors. They are for sale for $12.00 at the information booth. Please come by and check them out and support our league.

Please follow the Soccer Park Rules

1.    Dogs are not allowed at the soccer park.
2.    Follow the posted speed limit.
3.    No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
4.    No Barbecues
5.    No smoking is allowed near the fields.
6.    Pick up trash before leaving.


Mandatory coach meeting for ratings, 6:30 pm at Rusty’s Pizza on Auburn.

The Schoolyard is NOT a Bathroom

Parents - Unfortunately, we have to make this appeal again...please plan accordingly if you are practicing on a team that uses a BCSD school. We had another incident where a younger brother of a player was escorted BY HIS MOTHER around a corner building at one of our schools, where he urinated on the corner of the building. There are cameras at the schools, so it was videotaped. We do not have access to the school restrooms, so plan accordingly!!! We have already lost the use of this school on one day, and now we are in serious danger of losing it all together. Please do not use the schools as outhouses!!! Thank you!!!